$2,880 $4,460

Merchandise content:

Snowy hydration serum 100ML

Snowy hydration serum masque (five tablets) authentic two boxes

Micro guide Aurora repair powder 50ML

$1,380 $1,680

Micro-guided aurora repair powder cream (50ML)


Using new technology to reduce age of microorganisms to stimulate skin self-rebirth

Injection of water film magnet, water protection more than glass uric acid

Black tulip compound to create a new realm of anti-oxygen

Day and night can use refreshing non-stick day maintenance protection at night to strengthen repair.

$980 $1,280

Snowy hydration Essence plant dew (100ML)    


Original (AQUAPHYLINE) and (AQUALANCE)lock water technology to start water channel to create long-lasting moisturizing

Compound natural herb live, balance the state of skin, stabilize sensitive muscle

Water injection x lock water x live water 3 in One forward perfect  skin.


Start up1000 times Skin Hydration ! Maintenance of skin water balance.

$599 $750

Combined content:

Plant care Aqua facial mask (five-piece into)

Once to fix moisturizing, anti-sensitive, beautiful white, bright, repair five-in-one, first aid essential!