Micro-guided Aurora Repair Powder Cream

Micro-guided aurora repair powder cream (50ML)


Using new technology to reduce age of microorganisms to stimulate skin self-rebirth

Injection of water film magnet, water protection more than glass uric acid

Black tulip compound to create a new realm of anti-oxygen

Day and night can use refreshing non-stick day maintenance protection at night to strengthen repair.

$1,380 $1,680



Micro-guided aurora repair powder cream


1. Secrets from rare plant extracts led by black tulips

Because of its noble mystery and enjoy the "after night" reputation, its anti-oxygen, self-healing is a middle-aged, so that the skin activates self-healing resistance mechanism, restore the girl's bright color muscle


2. While also having excellent moisturizing power to create a sense of inversion age.


3. Exclusive injection of water membrane to form long-lasting water injection 24HRS.